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Kaze ni Nosete (風に乗せて; Carried on the Wind) | MINMI

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here have this again

Please, feelings, don’t go anywhere
Rainbow showers all over the world, get moving!
A kiss, some magic for you

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nakata yasutaka MEG 2008 audio STEP
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contemode studio

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yasutaka nakata 2006 studio
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2006 studio edits old studio pic because why not

BS Fuji to air Nakata’s interview on Music Voyager (4/19), broadcast in other regions


BS Fuji will be airing the show Music Voyager featuring an interview with Nakata Yasutaka on Saturday, April 19, during the time slot of 27:00-27:55 (Japan Time). Other guests they interviewed include MIYAVI, Sakamoto Ryuichi, and more for this episode showcasing the music of Tokyo. You can watch a preview of the episode here!

Music Voyager is a “music and travel broadcast series (television/cable, broadband, in-flight and mobile) that invites viewers to discover the exciting sounds of the planet”. It airs on select PBS stations throughout the United States, and is starting to be available on Amazon Instant. Please check your local TV schedules for more information.

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Is Nakata still directing his music videos for CAPSULE? I've noticed that the one who directed CONTROL PV isn't Nakata in the credits...

No, a lot of people assume he directs every PV but that actually isn’t true. I’ve been trying to find the credits on all of capsule’s old PVs and have them compiled in a post, I don’t have everything yet, but he’s only credited as a director on four of them so far (may be more, like I said; I’m missing director credits on everything from idol fancy and before then). The guy who directed CONTROL is Tamukai Jun who also does all of Kyary’s PVs.

Relatedly, if anyone wants to try and help me find director credits on capsule stuff, I’d be really grateful.

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Hey fuckyeahystkさん i've already asked you about 20 questions (not really but a lot!) and you kindly answered all of them! THank you! I appreciate it! I love hearing your opinions on things that I have questions about. Here's another: DO U THINK NAKATA WILL EVER SETTLE DOWN & GET MARRIED LMAO HE'S BASICALLY ALREADY 30 SOMETHING RIGHT? MAYBE HE'LL CONTINUE TO BE A MAN SLUT FOREVER LMAO SORRY

Hi Anonymousさん, you’re totally welcome and thank you too!

As for Nakata settling down… He turned 34 this year, and I’m not privy enough to the finer details of his personal life, so I’m not sure. I do know people who have busy, career-oriented lives (such as Nakata) and those who live in a huge swirling urban megalopolis (also like Nakata) tend to not marry. We’ll just have to wait and see in the future! I think right now he’s probably content with his current relationship…s.

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Koshijima Toshiko ‏@oooKoSHIooo I’m drinking I’m drinking!4:05 PM - 16 Apr 2014


Koshijima Toshiko ‏@oooKoSHIooo I’m drinking I’m drinking!4:05 PM - 16 Apr 2014

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I know we aren't supposed to send you asks about Scanty Skimpy but I can't refrain from doing so. This song, the way it sounds is pretty special to me. It reminds me of an old capsule Shibuya kei kind of sound. Especially the instrumental version does so. It's no Slow Mo of course but it's Scanty Skimpy at least. Now comes the forbidden question: Do you actually like the song? Or would you rather neglect it and behave like it never happened?

About the not-supposed-to-ask-about-Scanty-Skimpy thing, I just get fatigued when I get a lot of questions related to Kyary (which happens often for whatever reason; nobody asks me about Perfume, but that’s probably for the best). I don’t mind answering questions because that’s more or less what this blog is intended to do, but Kyary is legitimately (for me) the least interesting music project that Nakata has done. I seriously only pay attention to her because he’s the one making her material, if she was produced by anyone else and had the same sound then she wouldn’t even be on my radar.

At the risk of sounding musically pretentious (I probably sound that way 99% of the time on this blog), I just have no feelings about Family Party or Scanty Skimpy and I think apathy is one of the worst sensations I can experience in response to music. Scanty Skimpy is more interesting for me without her vocals obscuring the details of the arrangement, but it’s just not really something that pulls me to listen over and over. It and Family Party are both fine.

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WOF! by すまき

WOF! by すまき

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Isn't the Inavder Invader extended mix one of the best extended mixes Nakata ever d

Yeah, I think it’s probably the most visible effort he’s put into an extended m

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Little notice about one of Nakata’s regular DJ events

I just checked the event listing page on CAPSULE’s official site and it’s come to my attention that RED, one of the regular parties that Nakata has DJ’ed at for the past several years, is coming to an end. The final event (appropriately titled RED-THE FINAL-) will be held on May 5th, of course at Daikanyama AIR. Anybody who lives in Japan and is interested in going probably should, I’m sure they’ll throw a good one since it’s the last. More info here.

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lol why am i posting about this 2014 news kind of
Is it just me or does it sound like they recorded some new vocals at the one part of the extended mix of Invader Invader? I'd say its not likely but it sounds like they did?

They noticeably did, it’s not something that’s completely out of the question. She probably did them real quick during one of the recording days.

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Nakata please do an outerspace-themed album

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i need one


Perfume 『LEVEL3』
Limited Vinyl Print
Red, Yellow, Clear

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
『Family Party』
Regular / Type A / Type B

m-flo loves BoA
「the Love Bug -Yasutaka Nakata (CAPSULE) Remix-」