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[Lyrics Masterpost] Sugarless GiRL by capsule

Sugarless GiRL is capsule’s eighth studio album, released on February 21, 2007. It was preceded by the analog single Starry sky and first digital single Sugarless GiRL. The first press editions contained a special capsule cell phone strap trapped inside the jewel case spine, prompting the purchaser to nearly mangle their copy in order to obtain it. If purchased on iTunes, the album came with a bonus track called Star Sniper. It is capsule’s first album to not be released with official lyrics printed in the packaging — every album since this one has been made in a similar vein, and Nakata explained that this decision occurred due to his aesthetic preference. All lyrics were written by Nakata Yasutaka, except for the huge amount of stock vocals used in this album. Translations are available where applicable.

1. Welcome to my world [Listen]
2. Starry Sky [Listen] [CDJ Performance]
3. REALiTy [Listen]
4. Sugarless GiRL [Listen] [PV]
5. Catch my breath [Listen]
6. Spider [Listen]
7. MUZiC [Listen]
8. Melting point [Listen]
9. Sound of Silence [Listen]
10. Secret Paradise [Listen]
11. Star Sniper (iTunes Bonus Track) [Listen]

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WOF! by すまき

WOF! by すまき

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[Blog] “GALAXY 2006/02/04” February 17, 2006


The first go-around for the fashion & music event “GALAXY” was one worth celebrating. First off, everyone on the show’s team and at the venue as audience members were so so fashionable. We also had the capsule Girls performing for us during capsule’s live, so there were lots of things to enjoy at the event. Our choreographer Nikako-chan thought up some really cute choreography. As for the details about the event, it was about half-fashion show and half-concert. I think people who read street snap mags all know this, but there there’s famous show event called “5iVE STAR”, it felt kind of like that but with the music aspect of it pumped up. There were also tons of flea market-like booths selling handmade accessories and such. And my friend Neeko-chan (←she’s been saying lately that her official website is done so I’ll announce it here) was also in the concert. The concert was awesome, this girl’s great. And funny. What a nice girl. Since we were in the same event we talked about how we wanted to do something together, but in the end she was too busy to make it to recordings for capsule, so that’s too bad. This event is such an amazingly fun and memorable one even for us on the performing side, so maybe there are a lot of girls out there who come to see us and end up wanting to participate too. It’d be fun to put together a team, think up a concept, make clothes and think up BGM for the show or performance or make-up for it, or do a model search there. Speaking of which, thanks to all the teams at the show who used capsule’s music. At the end some famous comedian did a DJ set, making for an event involving lots of different things. By the way, just as I found myself thinking about I felt like I’d seen people at the venue before, I ran into my older sister*. I was so surprised!

*Note: I…really don’t think he has an older sister. This is the first time he’s ever mentioned a sibling, and you’d think if he had any they would’ve come up in the millions of interviews he’s done. It’s semi-common for Japanese people to refer to people they’re close to as a sibling, so I’m going to assume he’s not actually related to this girl but is just familiar to her. (I believe the photo with her is the bottom center pic, btw.) Though if anyone knows anything about him possibly having siblings, let me know!

— Original Japanese Text —

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[Lyrics Masterpost] FRUITS CLiPPER by capsule

FRUITS CLiPPER is capsule’s seventh studio album, released on May 10, 2006. It was preceded by the analog single jelly. This was notably capsule’s first electronic dance music album and signified a lasting change in the group’s overall image and sound. Initial pressings of the album came with a bonus 12cm analog (about the size of a regular CD disc) bearing the track school of electro; if purchased on iTunes, it came with a bonus track titled seismic charge (ER-mix) which is a remix of the original found on the jelly analog. This is the last capsule album to have official lyrics included physically with the CD — they’re printed on the obi strip. All lyrics written by Nakata Yasutaka with translations linked where applicable.

1. CS Entrance6 [Listen]
2. FRUITS CLiPPER [Listen]
3. jelly (album-edit) [Listen]
4. CrazEEE Skyhopper [Listen]
5. 5iVE STAR [Listen]
6. Endor [Listen]
7. Robot Disco [Listen]
8. super speeder Judy Jedy [Listen]
9. megalopolis [Listen]
10. dreamin dreamin [Listen]
11. seismic charge (ER-mix) (iTunes Bonus Track) [Listen]
12. school of electro (First Press 12cm Vinyl Bonus Track) [Listen]

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MARQUEE’s official Twitter posted a photo from the CAPSULE column in this month’s issue (vol.102)! The picture is Nakata and Toshiko during her birthday last month.

MARQUEE’s official Twitter posted a photo from the CAPSULE column in this month’s issue (vol.102)! The picture is Nakata and Toshiko during her birthday last month.

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だいすきです by ちの

だいすきです by ちの

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[Blog] “contemode saloon 2006/02/03” February 16, 2006


contemode saloon from the other day. I’m so happy to be wished a happy birthday. Thanks for coming in the cold, everyone. Lately I’ve been making lots of different new songs for capsule and my new artist COLTEMONIKHA, so if you’re interested in hearing them, come to contemode saloon. They’re songs for the dance floor. The tracks contemode’s releasing this year will really get everyone dancing. It’s also been decided that capsule’s new album will be getting a spring release, we’ll be releasing a 12-inch analog [single] in April ahead of the CD release. There’s just a bit left on COPTER’s album until it’s finished too, and it’s crazy good. COPTER, I mean Ukai-kun, is really evolving. You should listen to it.


It seems like the fashion/beauty school students who always come out to see us in hordes will be on spring break for the March contemode saloon, so I’m going to take advantage of this and select some party songs & of course play some new songs too. There’s going to be a pretty good amount of people who are into fashion at this event, so it’s going to be fun being able to talk about stuff like that and not just music. And next month, we’re scheduled to be in a snap-style photo shoot for a magazine, so everyone, dress nicely when you come.

— Original Japanese Text —

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Super Scooter Happy! Yasutaka Nakata Piano Collections Vol.1 

Another nice piano rendition by RodolfoPiano! Listen to his mutations of life cover here.

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Feelin' Alright

Are you feelin’ alright?

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[Lyrics Masterpost] L.D.K. Lounge Designers Killer by capsule

L.D.K. Lounge Designers Killer is the sixth studio album by capsule, released on September 21, 2005. It was preceded by the analog single AEROPOLIS. The album title is a bizarre interpretation on the common acronym LDK, which is used in Japanese housing and means “living dining kitchen”, referring to a home which has living room, dining room, and kitchen areas. It was the first capsule album to offer an exclusive bonus track if purchased on iTunes, and the third in a row to feature lyrics seemingly inspired by science fiction motifs. The first track was the final part of the Studio Ghibli short film trilogy. All lyrics written by Nakata Yasutaka and translations are linked where applicable.

1. Soratobu Toshikeikaku (空飛ぶ都市計画; Floating City Plan) [Listen] [PV]
2. Teleportation (テレポテーション) [Listen]
3. Lounge Designers Killer (feat. ether22) [Listen]
4. twinkle twinkle poppp! [Listen]
5. tiC taC [Listen]
6. Antenna (アンテナ) [Listen]
7. Glider (グライダー) [Listen] [PV]
8. Jinrui no Shinpo to Chouwa (人類の進歩と調和; Harmony and Humanity’s Progress) [Listen]
9. do do pi do [Listen]
10. fin. [Listen]
11. jelly (iTunes Bonus Track) [Listen]

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Retro Memory (8-bit mix)

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『L.D.K. Lounge Designers Killer』

Soratobu Toshikeikaku (空飛ぶ都市計画; Floating City Plan) | capsule

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Perfume 『LEVEL3』
Limited Vinyl Print
Red, Yellow, Clear

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
『Family Party』
Regular / Type A / Type B

m-flo loves BoA
「the Love Bug -Yasutaka Nakata (CAPSULE) Remix-」