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BS Fuji to air Nakata’s interview on Music Voyager (4/19), broadcast in other regions


BS Fuji will be airing the show Music Voyager featuring an interview with Nakata Yasutaka on Saturday, April 19, during the time slot of 27:00-27:55 (Japan Time). Other guests they interviewed include MIYAVI, Sakamoto Ryuichi, and more for this episode showcasing the music of Tokyo. You can watch a preview of the episode here!

Music Voyager is a “music and travel broadcast series (television/cable, broadband, in-flight and mobile) that invites viewers to discover the exciting sounds of the planet”. It airs on select PBS stations throughout the United States, and is starting to be available on Amazon Instant.

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Little notice about one of Nakata’s regular DJ events

I just checked the event listing page on CAPSULE’s official site and it’s come to my attention that RED, one of the regular parties that Nakata has DJ’ed at for the past several years, is coming to an end. The final event (appropriately titled RED-THE FINAL-) will be held on May 5th, of course at Daikanyama AIR. Anybody who lives in Japan and is interested in going probably should, I’m sure they’ll throw a good one since it’s the last. More info here.

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Nakata to do opening theme for Nippon TV’s PON!


It has been announced that Nakata Yasutaka will do the opening theme jingle for Nippon TV’s news/variety show PON!. The jingle debuted March 31st and can be heard on weekdays between 10:25 and 11:30AM.

That’s all. ╰( ´◔ ω ◔ `)╯

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Nakata to produce theme song “G35” for Mobile Suit Gundam 35th Anniversary Project


Nakata Yasutaka has created the theme song for the 35th Anniversary Project of Mobile Suit Gundam. Intended to represent a new perspective on the world and the future of Mobile Suit Gundam, the song is entitled “G35” and is just one small part of several multimedia projects intended to commemorate the anniversary. Please look forward to it!

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Kira Kira Killer - Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (43 second preview)

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Nakata to remix “the Love Bug” on m-flo’s upcoming mix CD album EDM-FLO


Nakata Yasutaka will be providing a remix on electronic rap group m-flo’s upcoming mix CD album EDM-FLO, to be released on March 26th alongside the duo’s latest original studio album FUTURE IS WOW. The song Nakata will be remixing is “the Love Bug”, originally part of m-flo’s “m-flo loves” collaboration series, featuring famed Korean pop singer BoA. The remix will come out over a week after the tenth anniversary of the original song’s release.

This is Nakata’s second time remixing m-flo — the first was their song Lotta Love featuring singer MINMI.

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Nakata to remix Kylie Minogue’s song “Into the Blue” as a Japanese bonus track on her upcoming album Kiss Me Once


It has been announced that Nakata Yasutaka will be remixing Australian-born pop sensation Kylie Minogue’s latest single “Into the Blue”. The remix will be included as a Japanese bonus track on her upcoming album Kiss Me Once, to be released on March 19th. This is the second time Nakata has done a remix for Minogue — the first was 2010’s “Get Outta My Way" from her album Aphrodite.

Nakata made a comment related to the remix (which has been terribly translated by me, so if you see any errors, do let me know!):

It is an honor to once again participate in the work of a globally influential artist. Even though I felt nervous, I was able to have fun creating [this remix] all the way to its completion. From now on, I hope that there will be a chance to collaborate beyond just remixes in the future.

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LEVEL3 vinyl order links!

Links to order the upcoming LEVEL3 vinyl cut (to be released May 14th) have gone up on CDJapan! I don’t think you’ll be able to order one after the release date, so be sure to get yours soon if you want one! They come in three different colors like the special cases on the Limited Edition of LEVEL3.




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Nakata Yasutaka × Studio Ghibli talk in February issue of Sound & Recording Magazine


Released on January 15th, the February issue of popular music magazine Sound & Recording will feature a three-way conversation between Nakata Yasutaka(CAPSULE) and Studio Ghibli’s President Suzuki Toshio and producer Nishimura Yoshiaki.

"Nakata Yasutaka(CAPSULE) × Studio Ghibli" is the 8th installment in an irregular series where Nakata Yasutaka has sit-down talks with various creators on many topics. President Suzuki has overseen the creation of numerous Ghibli hits, while Nishimura served as the producer of Ghibli’s latest work The Tale of Princess Kaguya (Kaguya-hime no Monogatari). The three creators will discuss topics ranging from music to Ghibli’s recent films Kaze Tachinu and the aforementioned Tale of Princess Kaguya, as well as the theme "what is production?".

Featured on the cover are YMO members Sakamoto Ryuichi and Hosono Haruomi, who have their own feature in this issue. You can get a copy of the latest Sanreko through HMV, Amazon Japan, and CDJapan.

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CAPSULE collaboration packs for KONAMI’s “jubeat plus” and “REFLEC BEAT plus” to be distributed!

Music simulation game jubeat plus will be receiving a special music pack called “CAPSULE pack”, and similar game REFLEC BEAT plus will also receive the latest music pack in the form of “CAPSULE PACK”. The contents of each pack are revealed below:

■ 『jubeat plus』 Recorded Songs
「more more more」
「Sugarless GiRL」
「Super Scooter Happy」

■ 『REFLEC BEAT plus』 Recorded Songs
「more more more」
「Sugarless GiRL」

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CAPS LOCK included in iTunes Japan’s Best of 2013 Ranking!


The official staff Twitter for CAPSULE has reported that CAPS LOCK was included in iTunes Japan’s Best of 2013 for the Electronic category. Congratulations!

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Nakata to create theme song for some TV boxing show

Nakata Yasutaka(CAPSULE) will provide the new theme song to Fuji TV Boxing. The song is entitled “Excellent” and will begin airing from December 6th on Fuji TV’s BOXING DIAMOND GLOVE SP series.

As a side note, it has absolutely nothing to do with CAPSULE, it’s just Nakata by himself.

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Suma Susumu High School: Nakata Yasutaka-sensei and Katori Shingo’s produced jingle is finally completed!


During the broadcast on November 4th, to great response, Nakata Yasutaka-sensei appeared on Suma Susumu High School to teach a “composition” class. Katori Shingo’s jingle music was crowned the best of the SMAP members’ submissions, and Katori also produced a video! It will premiere on 11/25! Do not miss it!

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Nakata Yasutaka to appear on SMAP×SMAP, CAPSULE on cover of Tower Records’ “Odoru Rokku” promotional booklet, and CAPSULE official YouTube channel goes live!!!

On November 4th, Nakata Yasutaka will appear solo on popular Johnny’s Entertainment group SMAP’s TV show SMAP×SMAP during the program’s Suma Suzumu High School corner playing the role of the “music class” lecturer. The show airs at 22:00.

It has also been announced that CAPSULE will be on the cover of Tower Records’ promotional booklet Odoru Rokku starting November 11th. It will be distributed over-the-counter, free of charge. Tower Records will also be displaying B1-sized posters throughout their store locations.

Lastly, CAPSULE now has their own official YouTube channel managed by their staff, CAPSULEOFFICIAL. They have debuted the full PV of lead track CONTROL, which you can watch here.

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CAPS LOCK now available for preorder on iTunes Japan with bonus track, and has been released in international countries!


CAPS LOCK, CAPSULE’s first album after signing a new deal with the record label unBORDE (Warner Music Japan), will be released on October 23rd, 2013. Starting today, the lead single from the album, ‘CONTROL’, is available on Japan’s iTunes Store. Japan’s album pre-order will also begin today, and as a bundle bonus track, '12345678(extended mix)' will be included in the album on iTunes Japan only.

As already announced, the new album will be digitally released worldwide 1 week ahead of Japan’s release on October 23rd. Starting October 16th, Wednesday, the album will be available in iTunes Stores in 110 countries except Japan.

Read More

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Perfume 『LEVEL3』
Limited Vinyl Print
Red, Yellow, Clear

Kyary Pamyu Pamyu
『Family Party』
Regular / Type A / Type B

m-flo loves BoA
「the Love Bug -Yasutaka Nakata (CAPSULE) Remix-」